By a Thread…

Every so often, I come across a type of art that captivates me because it goes against the standard norms of what we consider art. That’s how I feel about hanging sculptures. I find it to be a very intriguing realm of art. Whether because of the choice of medium, the subject that it portrays, or a variety of other factors, hanging sculptures is one of those types of works that I could easily enjoy in a gallery or in a home. But like most art, each piece is a reflection of the artist, and can vary drastically in its style and tone. So here are a few of my favourite artists and sculptures. Enjoy.

Augusto Esquivel

Augusto is a Miami based artist who works with one medium – Buttons. Now while that may throw you off, know this, the realism of his works are astonishing to the say the least. It’s hard to imagine how meticulous it must be to make one of these sculptures, stringing thousands of buttons onto a few strings, but the vibrant use of colour gives each piece a very playful vibe, which he further pushes by his equally playful choice of objects to recreate. I would love to own any one of these pieces.

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Claire Morgan

Almost like a single moment frozen in time, the work of Claire Morgan has an aura of halted movement to them. For any given piece, I can almost visualize the last few seconds prior to the exact moment that has been captured. Born in Belfast but now based out of London, Claire uses only natural materials for her art, from feathers, to leaves, to fruits. Personally, her combination of flora and fauna leaves something to be desired, but her ability to capture motion in a motionless piece is enough to make me a fan.

hanging-sculpture-02 hanging-sculpture-07 hanging-sculpture-19

Mathilde Roussel

More than the actual piece, I think I’m a fan of Roussel’s work because of her use of eco-friendly materials. Made from soil, wheat seeds, recycled metal, and fabric, Roussel’s “Lives of grass” collection are living, breathing, and growing works of art. Born and based out of Paris, Roussel has focused her work on the transformation of organic matter over time, questioning the way time impacts us all. While not everything from the collection is a hanging sculpture, this particular piece definitely caught my eye and was worth a mention.

Michael Murphy

Perspective is the theme for any of the pieces from Michael Murphy. It’s a lesson we can all relate to. The idea of not knowing what we have until we see it from a different angle. That sometimes seeing the world through someone else’s viewpoint gives us a new appreciation for what we thought we knew all along. That harmony can sometimes go unnoticed. His work is a reminder to us all that you can always take a step back to gain a fresh, new perspective.



Michael Murphy--3D hanging sculpture 1bMichael Murphy--3D hanging sculpture 1
Nike Promotion

While the artist is unknown, this Nike promotion in Johannesburg is impressive nonetheless. 3000 soccer balls in the middle of a shopping centre remind us that a few small pieces can sometimes come together to make something bigger and greater than the sum of their parts.



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