Down the Middle…

If you were anything like me as a kid, you liked taking apart your toys so you could see how they worked. Granted, it didn’t work out well for 6 year old me, with the result being a bunch of broken possessions, but that fascination for the inner workings of any mechanism is something that has remained with me to this day. That’s what I like about these collections, they harness that inner curiosity we still carry with us, and they challenge us to appreciate the beauty beneath the surface. Don’t be surprised if these collections make you start taking apart things just to see what makes them tick.

Sabine Pearlman’s AMMO collection is a series dedicated to, well, ammunition. I always thought a bullet was pretty much the same as any other bullet, but it’s amazing to see how different each of these are. From multiple casings to inner fragments, each one is built for a specific purpose, although the specifics of that purpose aren’t highlighted (a reddit post attempted to identify each of the bullets which gives some context to the unique structure of each bullet). While they may be objects of harm and destruction, there’s an odd beauty to uncovering the innovation and mechanics that go behind each specific bullet.

bullet ammo-by-sabine-pearlman-04 adafruit_1728 44_1r2

Beth Galton’s works centre around food (she even has a collection called “ode to the potato”), but this one in particular let’s you know how every day food looks on the inside. A lot of tricks of the trade had to be used to make this collection, from digital editing to using gelatin to make liquids a bit more solid. The subjects of this collection may not be intricate or a surprise by any means, but it’s still a treat to experience.

cut-food-galton6 I_01-66-67_120328-Cut-Foods-36487 I_02-68_120328-Cut-Foods-37184 i_04-74_120328-cut-foods-36459

Duncan Meeder did not take this photo as part of a collection. He merely wanted to show the intricacy of a Leica Tri-Elmar-M 28-35-50mm lens. These photos ended up circling the internet because of how jaw-dropping the intricacies of these lenses are. And don’t worry about the sight of a $4000 lens being cut for simply a photo, each half was sold on eBay as an art piece.

leicacutaway2 medium_leica-lens-cutaways-011

Jon Chonko’s Scanwiches is such a simple and brilliant idea that I find myself asking “why I didn’t think of that?”. His tagline of “…for education and delight” is the perfect way to sum up his project. Travel, eat, and document your experience. His blog has the vibe of an album capturing someone’s travels. Some favourites, some exotic tastes, but ultimately enlightening us to the simple pleasures that we are all unaware of.



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